healing heart

healing my heart space has been a journey.

feeling like i have missed a few steps and regrets that i have linger. i dislike the way i have overshared and been in a space of an overflow of emotions.

while spirit says i don’t need to be so hard on myself, its still an inevitable feeling.

what i am aware of is the emotions that are swirling around me are related to letting someone go and moving on. it is a lot harder than people can even imagine.

i have been living with emotions that are swirling all around me. readying and preparing myself for whats up ahead requires me to work through my own healing.

healing from a past i have been working on has allowed me to see how i am also responsible for my healing.

without victimizing myself or anyone else for that matter, i am learning about the need to hold myself accountable.

to be responsible for my words and behaviors reminds me to keep myself in a space of humility.

humility allows me to see where i can improve myself and that i am not always going to be on same page as others.

healing on all levels is a process as i am learning how to let go. i realize i have a different reality and when it comes to love, kindness and compassion will always win.

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