to be born and reborn again

sometimes we get our hearts broken.

we get knocked down.

we get beat down emotionally.

and after all of that heartache, and tears, we wake up one day and remember there is a new day.

when we awaken from the darkness cleansed by the tears shed, i think we learn how easy it is to forget the here and now.

well, maybe?


i know i actually kinda forgot to be present.

the present is a place we can soon forget if we live in the past for too long. i took a deep dive and have been intentional in working through unhealed and buried pain.

what i have also remembered is that i actually have a future to look forward to.

to be born and reborn again like the Phoenix was a lot heavier and darker than i imagined.

after the release, i feel like there is a lighter feeling. its a bit unfamiliar for me.

as i begin a new life, i am seeing my own breath. to be able to breathe new life into this world from what i have been learning and although i may have felt like i was crestfallen, its not all bad or ugly. its actually beautiful.

i have returned with a new perspective. seeing things with more compassion and forgiveness. understanding that i have a gift to share with the world.

while i am no expert, i do have a perspective that changed my thoughts and feelings about what it means to truly be present for someone.

extending the compassion, forgiveness, kindness, patience, support, and understanding that was extended to me was life sustaining.

going through darkness is not easy.

it makes for ugly thoughts and feelings and staying there too long can make a person hard.

i never wanted to be anything but respectful and while on this journey, learned sometimes isolation was the best thing i could have ever done for myself.

healing unhealed pain and releasing it was critical, but so was the return and ascension. im sweetly thinking forward to my next season of healing and growth.

it was not easy and i must share it felt like the hardest part of reconciliation had more to do with my own self forgiveness. in order to receive it, i had to impart it to myself.

its been an incredible journey and at the moment im listening to elders and story about being in relationship with others.

i had to go where i went in order to see the world the way that i do. i have come a long ways and still have a long ways to go.

to be born and reborn again i had to let things go and release myself.

the freedom feels light and the view is gorgeous.

blessings on blessings to all my readers, its adventure time as Sagittarius season is in full effect.

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1 thought on “to be born and reborn again

  1. Beautifully penned
    Stay wealthy healthy safe and happy


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