3 am dreams

i am the best person i can be when i look myself in the mirror.

i am perfectly imperfect and yet when you look at me i feel flawless.

i feel the most beautiful when you listen to me tell my stories.

i never really loved myself the way that i do today and i have you to thank.

and thats all we really both need to know.

i keep candles lit not because i am afraid of the dark, i just dont like feeling alone.

i have come to learn i have never been alone.

thanks be to my guardian angels.

as sure as my guardian angels love watching me sleep, sometimes they awaken me from my dreams.

i understand the power of prayer because of them. knowing full and well that my life began with them, my ancestors.

perhaps it is madness, perhaps not?

what i do know is i found love deep inside of me and they helped me along the way.

this morning, after reading through the last year, i realize letting them go was not an easy process.

however, it was my ancestors who nudged me forward and showed me a better dream.

a dream come true as they sit on our window sill smiling from above the heavens with star crossed eyes.

dreaming better dreams.

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