‘elwehtse spirit of renewal

el’weht is one of the Nimiipuutimt words for spring.

while there are other contextual words and meanings associated with it, this particular word, in the singular form, is about the seasonal change.

‘elwehtse it is becoming spring.

the hills are full of life. my favorite time of the year and we are going to see how Mother Earth replenishes us with her life.

i think of the sacredness and meaning of life more so than other seasons during this moon. in 6 weeks we will have a harvest of our first foods. the sacredness is a precious relationship that has been here since time immemorial.

it is during this time when the animals are also carrying babies. a time when hunting is not encouraged and if need be, one does not take the life of a female as she is bringing forth new life.

it is also when the mountains begin to thaw. the spring melt off of snow and ice begins. our precious first foods are being sustained with sacred water.

it is when the floods arrive springing forth precious life. as the mountains defrost, the rivers begin to flow. water becomes muddy and brown. currents flow faster and rapids are hidden.

i love ‘elwehtse.

i love how full of life Mother Earth becomes.

i also love how the birds begin their migration and return back to familiar lands for nesting.

so many beautiful things were given to us to take care of. these are just a few and so many animals are waking to begin their annual pilgrimage to familiar hunting, grazing, and watering grounds all in the spirit of renewal. the sky stays lit just a little bit longer as Mother Earth turns herself back around, she slowly brings us back to where we all once came.

i look forward to this new season coming forth. i am remembering winter and how ceremonially i learned a couple of big things this last year. i welcome how change occurs. although i may not like it, i understand that change is necessary. just as the spring melt-off has begun, so does change occur.

i harbor no hate, no anger, no resentments, no heaviness, just pure light. i do this because i have been living in the dark for so long. today, i realize harmonizing with the spring elements of life requires me to stay on the good and higher-self side.

my mind, heart, and soul are filled with the spirit of renewal.

i welcome this beautiful time and understand releasing heavy feelings, triggers, trauma, and addictions to the creator is the greatest gift i can gift myself and those i love because in Native/Indigenous societies healing and sobriety is a sacred place to live.

in the spirit of renewal, sobriety, much like spring is a sacred time. a time during which spirit gets to renew itself, and after blankets of snow have melted, recommit to vows of ascension. surrounding self with those who seek and walk-in sobriety is paramount for my soul.

healed heart. healed soul. healed mind.

healing has brought inner peace, compassion, understanding, empathy, kindness, tenderness, and softness. all those rough, pointed jagged edges have been polished down with my healing. i sought healing and learned to heal myself from the pain that was not mine to carry. i also learned healing is a choice. healing is for me and not anyone else.

the most liberating thought about healing is i had to (re)learn who i was before i turned 15 and all the hurt that came with it. i forgive my mother and father. i love them dearly today and my parents’ pain is no longer my pain.

i have released them to the wind.

i am free to soar.

i am healed.

while this does not mean i am perfectly healed, it does mean i have overcome another long, dark, cold, and lonely winter.

i survived.

and today, i want to live beyond survivance and begin to thrive vibrantly, ever so Indigenously like an indigenista would and is supposed to do.

today, i am alive and full of life.

my nahlii lady blessed me again and again with my name and my heart is full. my cup, literally runneth and spilleth over.

as i look across the moonlit sky, i see a beautiful grandmother shining beautifully looking down on us, we, the people.

i welcome what will come forth 6 weeks from now. during this full moon i have found purity and cleansing as ‘elwehtse brings forth new life.

as i glide across the sky i see my life in colors.

every beautiful beam coming down from hayoł’kał this early night-early morning sky highlights my life with love.

ever glowing, ever-loving and never to be sunken with the past. ‘elwehtse is here and i welcome the floodwaters. i await the first precious blossom, so pure and powerful in her fauna of life, with dear and loving anticipation.

i could say au revoir, but i won’t, because in Native languages, we have no real words for goodbye. we will see each other again, and when we do, we will hug, love, and be happy for each other, because that’s what healed and happy hearts do for one another. in the spirit of ‘elwehtse, we are becoming spring and we are becoming love.

now please, go and have a gorgeous and beautiful day, create this day grounded in love, land, language, culture, and community.

all of my love in Led Zeppelin tone.


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1 thought on “‘elwehtse spirit of renewal

  1. I am awestruck by this post. Thank you! May I repost it on my blog giving you full credit? I would love to help get the message out there. It is so needed right now.


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