Dreaming dreamer

waking up from a dream i found myself in a socio-emotional place healing from heartache.

i found love and forgiveness while out on the land.

i been on a journey of longing and its been a spiritual place that feels a lot like healing.

ive come to learn healing comes in waves. it feels tragic at times, but no sooner than those tears streamed down my face, do i also experience joy.

a smile sweeps across my face erasing ten thousand memories.

i learn smiling is contagious and that being around company who make others laugh and smile are precious people.

amid this COVID-19 pandemic, i find beauty in the subtleties of mother earth.

spring blossoms all around and our first foods have returned.

with each blossom i find love deep within myself.

spring blossoms remind me i will never love anyone more than i love myself.

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