its been a long time

its been a long time since i felt your soul next to mine.

im not gonna lie,

i miss us.

the story about us gave me hope.

it put stars in my eyes and rivers flowed through my veins.

i miss how you loved me and kept me neat and tidy in that precious little box next to your bed.

i miss the way you made arroz con pollo for us and lovingly fed me the first bite to taste how delicious dinner was gonna be.

i miss the way you would brush aside my tousled curls in the morning.

wiping sleep from my eyes it was the sweetest touch.

im not gonna lie, its been a long time.

at the moment though, i have somethings to take care of.

you once gave me your heart to hold and protect.

i protected it with my life.

im not gonna lie, it used to sadden me, how you gave away what i loved so freely to someone else.

now shes gone, and so am i.

i stop every now and then and look back to see how far along i have come and see you in the far off distance.

i never understood why our hearts were connected and think about how long the stars have been watching over the story of us.

here we are in the 21st century, back where we were before.

its been a long time since my soul knew a deeper soul and way of being.

i used to wonder why it troubled me so. today, i bask in its beauty and intensity.

ive been a fool believing we could ever be what we once were. i waited for months on end and peace tells me it was not in vain.

we both learned a valuable lesson, we dont know what we got until its gone.

im not gonna lie, i miss you and yet i remain unapologetic.

i wont apologize for choosing me, myself, and i.

i chose myself because i know now that i was more than enough.

its been a long time and as our favorite songs play, i realize we were both fools to let what we had go so easily.

i wish we fought harder for us.

but that is neither here nor there and honestly, today, im just reminiscing on how beautiful our love was.

the story about us still gives me hope and i start to wonder if he can ever love me as deep as you do?

you see, i know you still love me. i can feel it.

it wakes me sometimes and the stars tell me you look up and wonder what if.

and thats whats tragic about the story of us.

we should have been together having Four Seasons brunch.

i will continue to journey into the future. and to answer your question, if we ever cross paths, know that any woman after me will never be able to hold your heart the way i did.

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