imprints on her heart

warrior poetry gracefully leaves imprints on her heart

poetry feels different when it is written by a warrior.

it gracefully leaves an imprint on her heart only to last forever.

and in those quiet moments, when she is alone, and faced with looking at herself in the mirror, she will finally see who she was meant to be.

warrior poetry and prose not written in stone, but on her heart.

dripping with heart, warrior poetry leaves a scar that was not made in pain, nor in vain, but with a precious and righteous kind of love.

burning through a story about love reminds her it is the kind of love the ancients wrote about.

mentally at peace, she doesn’t think she quite understands love until she reads warrior poetry.

there is no rage,

there is no anger,

there is no fear,

there is no time.

she is learning that love is liberating, and makes her feel deeply.

it’s soulful.

it’s true.

it’s piercing.

it’s warrior poetry.

deadly with a sword, but even deadlier with le stylo, it leaves imprints on her heart.

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