petals from heaven

i don’t always wanna wake up in the mornings unless its to be awakened by snuggles, cuddles, and kisses.

with the sweetness of pillow talk, romance lingers leaving me only wanting more.

how sweet, divine, and precious love is to me.

in this world of chaos, COVID, and Dump, i only want love and fresh flowers.

lovely petals from heaven to grace my home soften the daily news and lighten the world even if for just a minute.

wild roses, fragrant with the creator’s love, i also wish for lilacs and gardenias to soften my view.

my precious heart remembers a time when walks through the farmers market for fresh flowers was thee thing to do.

now i shop at the grocers only to find petals that have been pressed and stored for too long.

i miss my pretties and relish on a future where fresh flowers will once again grace my bedside.

as gracious and as demure as i can be, much like the hummingbird warrior, i also have a fierce love of flowers, after all we are all petals from heaven.

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