love is the way

lately i been feeling like the changes i been growing through have helped me to see how i forgot to be a lover.

in a lovers world there is an equal partnership, friendship, companionship, and the seasons of love are fluid. moving from one moment to the next, the ebb and flow is one of balance.

i don’t like extremes. as a woman who is commitment avoidant its taken me a long time to get to this place of self awareness. with an Indigenous critical consciousness, i realize in my past life, i negotiated my role as a woman more times than i care to admit.

with the closing out of the last decade i’m sending my gratitude out with the upcoming full moon. expressing my thanks into the universe because i have learned some hard knock lessons.

its been important for me to learn how to be flexible. staying true to the newness of what feels like an opportunity reminds this truly is about new beginnings.

listening to sweet R & B and 90s hip hop take me back to a time when i had such romanticized ideas about my future love. now that i have arrived into that once futurity, i am quieted by the many times i had broken my own heart.

while in solitude i’ve been able to look back with hindsight and see how i lacked discernment. without going too far down into that rabbit hole, i recognize i am thinking this is not what i imagined.

CoStar helps me see off into the far off future, things will realign and me and my son will be okay. it’s always been for him.


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