boarding school dreams

envisioning a future where nightmares do not exist

i listened to my mom the other day. as she talked story, and reminisced on sweet memories, she also went on a recall of her boarding school experience.

since listening to both my mom and little mom, i cant help but love them more.

at different times i inquisitively asked out of curiosity what they could remember about their boarding school experiences.

while both of these women went to different boarding schools, each had shared a parallel experience when it came to speaking their first language.

as i listened to both these women, i could not imagine some of the experiences they had for myself or either of my children.

it made me think about what has changed since then, but also, what has not. although there has been some changes, i realize there’s still inadequate support for Native children in federally run boarding schools.

as i muse through this mornings blog thoughts out loud, im thinking about my moms. both of these women were integral in my life. one birthed me and the other raised me.

i am sending them so much love right now and can’t seem to thank them enough. they endured some messed up things as children as far as western education systems go.

one thing i will share that strengthens me is hearing their resolve. as i listened to them tell their stories, both would end a memory with some teachings in Diné philosophy.

they remind me of what it means to come from a matriarchal society. no matter what happened, no matter what was presented to them, it was their inner resolve and iina that kept them going.

i find peace knowing they survived. they went through one of worst cultural genocidal acts against Indigenous people and survived.

this morning, im just here to say i love who these beautiful Diné women are in me and my children’s lives.

for real, the creator blessed me more times than i can count.

imeeqis Qeci’yew’yew and Ahe’eeh for the sacrifices mom.

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