listening to old school

listening to certain songs takes me back and has such an effect on me that sometimes i can cry.

when tears fall, maybe its nostalgic of me, but i reminisce and go back to feel how good a song made me feel.

sometimes i tear up thinking about how sweet or dope i felt. like legit feelings of happiness and good times that take me back to sweet bliss. in those moments i remember how beautiful my life journey has been.

while i also have music i don’t revisit, occasionally i hear them on local radio stations. when those play, i will self reflect on that time in my life and try to remember details. what was i doing, where was i at (mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically) and i will not lie on this. i have had some cringe worthy moments in life that are humbling to say the least.

learning myself has taught me to be forgiving and understanding especially of others because i wasn’t always as conscious and self aware as i am today.

life is funny that way and music has a way of opening our hearts to forgiveness.

life may be a gamble, and sadly, i’m not a gambler.

so how do i play when all i see is a spade? ♠️

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