beauty becomes her

nothing can stop what god has blessed.

she is exalted in the most high and beauty becomes her.

i cant explain what is happening to me but it sounds alot like birds chirping after a long cold winter.

i have been going through something and i am not sure how to name it.

what used to trigger me has no flex.

what used to hurt me, aint nothing but a chicken wing.

what used to hurt me rolls off me like water. in true Duck mama fashion, it aint no thang and imma keep walking, forward, and into the future i am building.

i had a good chuckle and remembered how a certain type of woman used to bother me and thought back to how evolving is so important to growth. otherwise we stay stagnant and repeat the same ol’ behaviors and never seem to learn.

funny how women can be towards one another over a man. i had a good memory recall and look back on my life. i feel for her and glad i am not her. thankful for my life and send up my thanks.

universe knows how leveling up can be hard on the heart and i do not want to go back to where i came from. i felt like i skated through a trigger unscathed and then finally got to laugh about it. for the record, it was actually kinna scary but also not.

it felt alot like what i think the Grinch went through once he realized he survived the sleigh ride down the hill. half scared and crying, but half way laughing. its for real how i felt.

anyway, as i sat across the table from that woman i realize, i am headed down a hozho road. stay close to the creator and be thankful for all things.

the journey thus far has taught me, trusting in the process is only half the battle. the other half demands doing the work.

remove those layers. cleanse your heart, mind, and soul. forgive your past while also forgiving yourself. embrace the change and work to create and build the future you want.

i look forward to the balcony with a view.

as the sun sets in her eyes, beauty becomes her.

Hozho na’has’glii

Hozho na’has’glii

Hozho na’has’glii

Hozho na’has’glii

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