say, say, say

Say say say

say what you need to make yourself feel better about what happened. i’ve learned at the end of the day, that experience taught me i actually hate a haters life.

seeing their names in an email and remembering the bs i went through… mayyyyne, that time was poo on a cracker served as patê.

meanwhile, i been crowned for life.

as i reflect back on that year, i actually don’t want to sit at that mean girls club table. i won’t ever regret dissing a dumb b*^%# with my silence.

i leave you on read and seen and won’t ever allow you to disrespect me again.

the day you disrespected me i learned who y’all really are. how am i going to pretend i did not see or hear the crack you tried to pull? are you nuts??

not only am i Morticia to that bs, i am Snow the Product letting you know.

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