a writers dream

lately i have been reading on ancient civilization. while in my feelings about the patriarchy, i have also gone back to some of my previously written works.

the interesting part about going back and thinking reflectively on certain subjects, i can see areas of my personal and socio emotional growth.

for me, growth did not occur in a vacuum. i noodled around before i truly began to experience growth which resulted in healing myself.

healing, which is on-going, has taught me that life experience is also an ever evolving process. if there was ever a dream, it is to create a life that does not involve traumatic experiences that one has to heal from.

another dream involves being a witness to that kind of life. and witnessing, for me, looks like seeing children reunited with their birth parents after forced into the foster care system or child detention centers across the southwestern states.

a reoccurring dream i have reminds me to stay focused and keep working towards more social and restorative justice for all of humanity.

in this moment, in these early morning hours, i am processing how the patriarchy has been working. toxic hyper masculinity is struggling to stay alive and it is dying.

down with heteronormative patriarchy and up with the divine feminine energy.

a writers dream come true… the end of patriarchal bs.





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