save the last dance

i never lost faith even if i felt hopeless.

it hurt, and while i was cut deep, i am still here.

im better today. maybe a little more solemn, with less trust, but for real, i’ll be alright.

it pains me to know i allowed myself to fall.

today, i know full and well life has taught me to be stronger. it gave me life and as a queen of hearts, the bloodletting happened and while i may have lost consciousness, i also gained perspective.

i learned to be kind and loving even when people are not that way towards me.

i say: chinga tu.

i think of the beautiful days and nights under Father sky and am reminded of how powerful love truly is.

i will always love and cherish the beautiful memories. those moments are forever burned in my memory and nothing, nothing as my beloved Prince wrote, compares to you.

as i write this ode to love i think of how precious every moment has been.

the universe says: make beautiful memories

it’s been a hot minute since ive grooved to the sweetness of Prince and remember when i used to sing Somebodys Somebody.

in my best and true Sadé form, i think her lyrics sang my life all too well. you see, i been torn apart so many times. all that i ask is for you to be careful and kind this next time around cuz somebody already broke my heart.

as i sit here contemplating life, listening to my Pops, i ask, who will save the last dance for my heart?

un dia. it’s the only thing that keeps me going.

as i rise up from the ashes, my teardrops cleanse my heart and as a beautiful Phoenix rising, i have remained, even after all this time, a dignified and true queen of hearts.

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