indigenizing online teaching

what does it mean to teach in a time of online teaching and distance learning?

in theory, distance learning seemed like a great idea for the Native teacher project i created.

as i look back to when we conceptualized what we were proposing, i’m pretty sure what we meant to happen, and what transpired were two different things.

i have learned a few things.

scratch that, i have a learned a lot of things.

saying that, and humbly looking back, i think we were doing what everyone else ended up having to do before COVID hit.

i knew online distance learning and program delivery was harder than most people understood.

as public schools slowly return back to in-person schooling, im curious how teachers managed.

i look forward to the research and learning about the teachers stories and how COVID-19 affected them. not only professionally, but personally.

how did teachers manage? between the distance learning, the socio emotional factors, relationships, children, family, isolation, and collegiate realities, how did they do it? cuz honestly, i feel like i floundered.

there were days when i honestly felt like i did not know what was going to happen esp when asynchronous modules were the norm.

as im closing out this project i just want to know, just exactly, how did you do it? how did you manage not going bananas cuz i struggled with working from home day in and day out.

being home for 24/7 felt a lot like 25/8 and a whole of March 32nd around here.

i could not leave this house and working from home was more taxing. so just exactly how is it that you all survived and managed?


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