my inner child

Child with calla lilies by Diego Rivera

whenever i see this portrait i see myself as a little girl.

my inner child was as sweet and innocent as that little girl with calla lilies.

i viewed the world with such naive ignorance it was beautiful.

life has since happened and that little girl hides herself from the world.

she emerges on occasion and sits by the waters edge counting calla lilies.

as childhood memories flood the water banks of my mind, they flow into the future with anticipation.

at the moment, i think this change that has been occurring is also the universe long held wish for my inner child to put to rest the past.

the past, although pleasant, it was filled with loss and grief over my absent mother.

healing the mother wound and the way my father treated my mother was a doozie.

after my parents split and went their separate ways, it was the same old story of a divorced single parent with a child who lives their formative years as an only child.

i don’t know who i was at times and today just thankful for my dads sister and family for taking care of me. she provided stability and security that helped me to see how important family values are when raising children.

as we recognize #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth i am sending up my thanks and gratitude for the life i was blessed with. there is much to be grateful for and an appreciation for the beauty in my life.

sending up love and appreciation for the prayers and compassion that extended to me and for the life im living.


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