how to be an ally to Indigenous people

this is a longer conversation that must be had at one point in our lives or another, esp in the 21st century.

i am basing my experience of working in a university setting. it required me to work with non Natives on a daily basis. unfortunately, the reality is this, not all non Natives i encountered are/were allies to Indigenous people.

as a post-doc, i worked directly with students as a grant administrator and faculty. with one Native senior faculty who worked from another campus, i was left to work with my non Native colleagues. for the most part did a fairly good job at being an ally, however, there were moments when i questioned wtf i was doing.

in thinking about this important subject, i also found this great blog post on how to be an ally.

as i read through it i immediately thought of my colleagues who have learned these basics. however, there is more work to be found in this important (front) line of work and critical ally scholarship.

i think of friends and colleagues who over the years shown their solidarity and support of Indigenous and Black people, however, once it gets into administrations, there is a fine line we do not hear enough about and that is, how do we support in critical ally support?

i also found myself wondering if not now when?

if i had not encountered an ally, how much longer before they would have had a smidgen of questionable consciousness?

with the recent findings of bodies near residential boarding schools in Canada i overheard someone state how terrible Canada was to Indigenous people.

i literally said, “what?”

the inflection in my voice caused them to stop and wonder what they had said that was so alarming.

tbh, it’s that type of white privilege and ignorance that burns me out.

at the moment i’m in this space of wondering if i should even try? personally, i find working in my home community is much more rewarding.

although i may encounter a Native or two who has been brainwashed, there are a few legit soldiers out there who been down with the Brown awakening and i’m here for all of it.

just me musing through my day as I think about Indigenous ways of knowing and ancestral knowledge.

they truly are my life support and it is why i can continue to be kind, gracious, loving, and compassionate to my own ppl when they are not that way towards me.

healed people hear differently and we love naturally.

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