the equilibrium

as i continue to grow through life, the journey in the last week reminds me creating spaces of change involves protecting my inner peace and happiness.

remembering that we all start somewhere when it comes to our critical consciousness and (self) awareness wakening.

i even have to remind myself that patience is paramount.

the journey is long.

it is a long haul. and very much like they say, it is a marathon, and not a sprint.

talking with and listening to my nieces and nephews reminds me of how sweet and delicious it was to be in my twenties. i shared to take their time, enjoy their youth and to wait for their souls to catch up to their mental.

it was cool to hear their dreams and wishes and im thankful i could sit and listen to them. honestly, it reminded me of how sweet it is to be an Aunty.

as a Diné woman i myself have aunties to talk to and hear what im growing through and their wisdom helps to keep me grounded.

with my prayers (and theirs) i also enjoy listening to my mom and aunties share their lived experiences and when they remind me of where we come from and how we became a family, i truly believe in god.

maybe my god or gods do not come from the Middle East, nor are they written about in a book. what i do know is god is love, kindness, compassion, and utter joy when it comes to who i am and my family history.

i was told i am like my great grandmother who was a happy woman. it aligns with how my nahlii lady gifted me with the name woman full of life. from the teachings, cultural values and principles, and Diné philosophies my elder Aunty reminds me to exemplify moral character, respect, and to keep ceremony in my heart, and the overall way of life we know as Hozho will continue to bless my journey.

these same values and teachings are what i pass onto my children and to my nieces and nephews. it’s pretty amazing to see the marvel and sparkle in their eyes.

i am filled with love and hope as i listen to them. as the smoke rose from the camp fire, the silhouettes of the timber against the beautiful star studded Milky Way, i felt love.

i had a beautiful moment and could tell god was with us.

i found love in a place where people might think was heathen, and as i learned about my family history connected to the land, i felt the blessings.

to not force or push anything, but to let it exist and evolve into what is meant to be. to have faith in the prayers that we set before my journey began here on Mother Earth.

to remember to respect all forms of life whether human or not, animals were also spirits and living beings can also be found in rocks older than my entire family. the words from the Lakota elder who shared that wisdom is an all encompassing teaching i have never forgotten.

as i looked up into the night sky, hand drums echoes across the meadow and the beautiful sounds of laughter, happiness, joy, and pure bliss resonated deep within my soul.

this thing called life has come to mean more to me than i ever thought possible and im just thankful and truly grateful for the people in my life today.

family has become something else. i learned who really is for me and understand how family is supposed to be. i will always be grateful for the teachings i was raised in and the beauty of Indigenous matriarchy.

i would not be here if it weren’t for matriarchy and am thankful for the life and balance of woman and man.

as i begin my day, hummingbird sips in a homemade nectar i brewed. welcoming hummingbird and accepting the blessings and love bestowed upon our home i am humbled once again.

love truly is medicine and it is the guiding lamplight at my feet. sending out my appreciation and gratitude i say ahe’eeh.

Sa’ah Naaghái Bik’eh Hózhóón na’sha. as my Diné epistemology continually guides me, i am reminded of the deep ancestral system aka as K’é that i was blessed with.

the generations of ancestral knowledge encompasses the two paradigms of Hózhóójii (female) or Beauty Way and Naayée’ k’egho (male) Protection Way male that help me throughout my journey and the reason why i am the way i am.

to live in harmony, and balancing out the ways of this world and the world within, i work to be in harmony with myself and the world around me as well.

in the words of my grandmothers…

Hozho nahasglii

Hozho nahasglii

Hozho nahasglii

Hozho nahasglii.

Yox kalo~o ❤️

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