New York State of mind the concrete jungle where dreams are made

sometimes i really miss New York. with the recent memorial of 9/11 i was flooded with beautiful memories.

i miss the way the city never sleeps.

as much as i griped about the noise, sometimes, believe it or not, i miss the sounds of sirens and garbage trucks.

i miss the glitz and glam of the Broadway lights.

i miss the fashionista walk way.

the little girl in me had so many big dreams and NY made them come true.

if i can make it there, i can make it anywhere.

in a New York State of mind.

i still feel those dreams and they drive me to keep pushing.

the dreams shall be made and i just need a little give and take.

when it comes down to reality, i remember Chinatown and Little Italy the most.

i’ll be taking a flight soon and be able to revisit where it all began for me.

i realize i betrayed myself and am so worthy of the platter at my feet.

sending my love, light, and hope it softens those cruel edges.

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