unlearning is learning

the ills of internalized racism are many.

from the ways Indigenous Black and People of Color (BIPOC) can perpetuate against their own people is insidious. the most challenging part is the chokehold to get away from.

as i listened to my elder speak on the way things used to be when he was serving as leadership, i looked back on the historical points in Indigenous history and where we were in the settler colonial project agenda.

seemingly, the likeliness of when the internalization began to really sink into our culture and society can be traced to when the missionaries taught Indigenous people we were lowly, uncivilized, heathen, and lesser humans.

man that is the bs narrative i seek to change.

f hat religious noise.

unlearning that hot garbage is a journey.

looking at my goals list and realizing that all i want to continue doing is disrupt that settler colonial narrative.

Christian missionaries left a legacy that Indigenous people are still fighting.

as the Catholic church denies its past to reconcile the ills of its disgusting pedophilia, religious persecution, and outright flogging of Indigenous cultural ways, we the Indigenous people fight to remain.

my struggle is to understand and know balance.


i am here doing my best and that’s all i can say right now.

freeing my mind from the shackles and chains has been a journey.

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1 thought on “unlearning is learning

  1. Yes, the relentless messaging is insidious. And yes, resistance is far from futile.

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