a morning love song

with the will of the holy people guiding my footsteps, i wake.

the light at my feet is their wisdom and counsel showing me there is but another way.

the beauty way.

the omnipotent and divine presence of their light shines through this time of great wonder. yet i still have the audacity to ask “what’s this?” the way Jack Skeleton asked.

to not question or wonder, but to have unwavering faith, they will lead me through life as a shield.

my grandmothers await their return and i am preparing the alter with their favorite foods. one of my grandmothers loved artichoke hearts straight out of the jar and the other loved creme puffs.

beauty way thoughts fill my heart this morning and i am filled with love.

my cup runneth over.

brimming with joy, peace floats on through me like an echo sounding off a whisper.

i love you echoes throughout time and as the veil keeps growing thinner and thinner, my heart, mind, and soul prepares for their return.

blessed beyond measure i send up my gratitude and love on this fine beautiful day and greeted the holy people with a song.

Ya’ah’teh Ahbinoooh shi diyin, ya’ah’teh Ahbinih diyin dineh, ya’ah’teh Ahbinih shi’k’é doh shi’dineh, ya’ah’teh Ahbinoh tah’nol’tsoh. Ahe’eeh di’dehl’shłih

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