Native Heritage Month

here we are yet again, another year traveled around the sun and it’s #NativeHeritageMonth.

a few words on what it means to me.

my Facebook TL is flooded with memories from 2020 about CNN labeling Indigenous ppl as “Something Else” and the now Washington football team was still fresh with the denial of an ugly mascot they used to flaunt blindly as if it somehow honored Indigenous ppl.

a year ago today, i was also still working at a PWI and did not see what was up ahead.

i no longer work there and find it sweet and bitter irony that i needed permission to apply for a grant that would have continued to fund my position.

i have learn first hand the grant hustle is a different kind of funding. but i digress and it’s now water under the bridge.

since that time we have also seen Reservation Dogs make it’s debut. like, there are truly legit and beautiful Indigenous people I know personally who made the big screen and remain humble.

how beautiful this last year has been for Indigenous ppl. more barriers are being broken, more rooms have been built, and more tables and chairs have been added to the circle and we are still here.

today also celebrates a weeklong siesta of #RockYourMocs across the lands and we will find beautiful moccasins from all across Indian country.

may we keep learning about “firsts” and may we all continued to bless the next generation of Indigenous folx with the faith, hope, love, and compassion our ancestors felt and thought for us.

to all my readers, Happy Native Heritage Month! Please celebrate your local Indigenous people.

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