crest fallen prayers

to see heritage at the end of the skyline is to see life in motion.

from where the earth meets the sky, there is sweetness.

a loving splendor in the grass and a ripple on water.

water envelopes her and winds down and through, across the land precious as ever.

when grandmother says, “tóó éé íína” yes, child she means you too.

Nahazhaan ni’hiimah, our Mother whispers sweet nothings that sway across the sea of the Nimiipuu prairie.

morning star woman tells her father sky to bring forth the dawn.

every day is a new day.

storms come and go, lightening booms forth the seasonal change, and the first evening star brings thankful and grateful prayers.

funny how since 1491 we were all forced to learn how to say “Thank you” the way white people do, and they never wanted to learn how to say “hello” in our languages only, “how much does that cost?”

as children of Mother Earth, Indigenous nations are the bane of the “great white father’s” settler colonial’s existence.

Grandmother moon returned and was eclipsed after 580 years. she has witnessed yet another return of Saturn who also rose to shine in his beautiful elder glory.

Grandfather sun illuminates the world with his sunrays and blesses the crestfallen with shan’diin.

shan’diin is star dust that sprinkles like corn pollen across the land just as the star blankets across the sky.

they Shine so brightly next to grandmother moon.

today i woke to another day remembering Crest fallen prayers and forgotten dreams.

may the creator, maker of all things hear your prayers.

be well.

be well, wherever you may roam.

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