to write is to pray

i don’t care how you pray, i just care that you pray.

praying has a way of revealing our humility.

humility and grace are attractive in a person’s character. it can open my eyes and heart into the reality of who a person is, or not.

i find a person’s character to be much more attractive in someone who takes the time to recognize the omnipotence of the divine creator and maker of all things in this world.

while Spirit is known across these lands by many names, in some places there are deities. children of the creator who have been here since time immemorial.

prayer is the highest form of self love IMO. it is the softest whisper spoken with such praise that it is like the dust left behind from the flutter and wings of a butterfly.

i am finding the most beloved forms of self care is stepping out onto the land without my shoes and feeling the earth beneath my toes

there is something bold and beholden that is energizing, magnetizing, revitalizing, and neutralizing about being out on the land.

the energy is mother earth touching you and gracing you with her love and light.

it is her soft touch.





she truly brings forth the gift of life and nature.

whenever i find myself wandering and lost, don’t get it twisted. it is intentional.

the moment i don’t see a familiar site, and being intentionally lost, please know i am indeed wandering. if you must know, i am wandering aimlessly in order to be with the creator.

calling my name whether it’s in the breeze that softly flows from the south or westward when those chinook winds clear the path for the northern lights to come through

i stepped out onto the land, and the snow reminded me of my inner child once again. i become that little baby and cleansed myself the way #Dine are supposed to do.

Mother Earth weteespe waqiiswet

i remembered that little girl while out on the land. as a lil girl i remember being out looking for the cows, and somehow we always had this cow or that one lost. we had to go and find the cows and sometimes found other peoples cattle livestock instead.

i am finding my way.

i am finding my light.

i am finding my life.

i have given all that i have to discover how graceful and divine my life has been up to this point.

divine intervention has kept me safe and protected over the years. it was divine intervention that uplifted me.

you see, that’s the reason why it doesn’t matter to me how you pray it just matters that you pray.

i prayed my life into existence and i planted so many seeds. now to see them come to life.

i welcome the blessings.


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