it’s a family affair

i woke up this morning and felt a big heart tug.

i cried and shed a few tears w big lump in my throat i let those tears fall.

i can’t imagine what it feels like to watch someone you love slowly die.

i am sending loving kind thoughts to one of the greatest warrior poets i have admired. i love listening to his family values and the principled life he has led over the last 10 years ive followed his work.

his loving wife of 37 years is battling the biggest battle of her life and their children are watching their mother go through incurable and inoperable cancer.

it made me think of how many times i have taken life for granted.

i was moved beyond tears as i read through the stories they have shared and the love she shares for the world.

her selfless and loving kindness strikes me in a way i never thought possible. despite her fighting the battle of her life she still has thoughts, worries, and concern for others.

i think people like her are angels. idk what the cosmos wrote before she made her earthly visit but she has graced the world with a light i think i can only work towards daily.

despite how i have been mistreated or disrespected, i still send loving kindness because that is who i am.

she shows me that is the only way to be.

she makes me see that what i been battling pales to what she is enduring. i am learning i can keep my dignity about myself by not succumbing to the disrespect.

i also don’t have to lie or cheat or gossip about anyone to make myself feel better. so long as i do the right things when only the creator god can see me and that i am no longer engaging.

i am doing my best and right now i wish for nothing but goodness to overcome this challenging time for anyone who reads this.

the collective is going through some big things and we all are growing through a lot together. at the end of the day, i feel like it comes down to making sure we treat everyone w dignity and respect.

whether it be your blood family, or friends or even strangers, be a good person to others regardless of what they may say or do, but also remember sending loving kindness is your integrity.

sending up prayers and kindness despite how others may feel because i believe good energy is more impt to leave behind than any bitterness or hate.

as i work through my emotions i realize sometimes life is just too dang precious to let slip away without trying. so whatever it is you may be striving for, remember, god the maker of all things is watching. 👁‍🗨

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