sweet dreams are made of these

ive dreamt dreams that no longer have any meaning.

last night i dreamt of a relative who has traveled on.

this week and the one before last, i dreamt of my oldest healing from their childhood trauma.

i think dreams that are healing are similar to the bitter sweet memories a melody can recall.

ballads of tragedy and the heartaches that follow remind me to take time to remember loved ones who visit from the other side.

i never knew how sweet it is to be loved by relatives until they are gone. it’s true, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

knowing they loved me on this earthly plane and continues from beyond provides a semblance of hope. they still guide me from up above the world so high and it uplifts my soul.

i ask myself if i can understand whats good for me by way of their visits, since they have passed, i know they are my protectors.

i remember why i am on my healing journey and why some people have been removed.

there is power in healing and that’s where i am.

not one persons hate for me can penetrate what has been preordained as my destiny.

blessed beyond measure, i am where i am because they told me so.

healing has a way of doing that for me and i guess it’s why i believe sweet dreams are made of these.

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