war cry

shi yazhi, cry until you can cry no more. when you are all cried out, only then, will you be able to see where and what you need to change.

change is the only constant thing and is never going to be wrong.

be light, be love, but most of all be kind to you. remember that you too are a precious soul.

the way you cry for others is the way you ought to also cry for yourself.

the death of your ego and rebirth of your spirit will bring forth a new life.

so, cry my child.

cry as long as you need, but please, don’t stay there too long.
you will feel when it’s no longer useful to cry and there will be no more tears.

when that day arrives, you will be wild w newness.

free and open to discover the next new adventures, and the world, yet again, will become your palette.

so please, cry your last cry and then release those tears because that is where you will also find your liberation and when you will be able to cry a war cry.

fly my love.

fly high, cuz mama created you to be a dragon who can conquer anything you set your mind to in this world.

-indigenista love diaries ©️2022

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