food, fun, & family

beautiful greetings from Dine bikeyah aka motherland via the Land of Enchantment.

it’s been gorgeous, it’s also been beautiful, but most of all, it’s been love to be back in the motherland.

ive had so much food, fun, and family time, just call me gordita.

it’s true, being home in the motherland has been beautiful medicine for my soul.

seeing my moms and aunties and cuzzints and all the grandchildren has softened the edges of the last two years of life.

it’s been pure energy and healing to say the least.

i was reminded of what it means to be an #Indigenous #Diné woman in this harsh patriarchal world.

matriarchal healing

i was reminded of the balance women bring into existence for this world.

the female balance is too ginormous to explain.

words do no justice and it can only be lived out and felt.

it is why i believe matriarchy will always, always finesse any cards dealt by the patriarchy.

i was reminded at all meals when we prayed how important it is to give thanks but to also welcome and receive blessings.

i was esp reminded when my moms and aunties spoke to and prayed for my children. their grandchildren are their legacies and wealth beyond any measure.

it was beautiful and touching for me to be a witness to this beautiful way of life known as K’é

while i have mentioned and written about K’é in posts i can’t tell you enough how sweet and beautiful it is to experience it yet again.

listening to my mothers talk with my babies was amazing. surrounded by their grace and beauty these matriarchs were everything i needed to see and hear to remember who i am and how significant and meaningful it is to be a woman.

on the matriarchy it is my mother’s, mother and her mother’s mothers, and her mothers’ mother before her that took my breath away.

their infinite line of wisdom, stories, creation, and pure love flowed through like a cool spring breeze in prayers only a grandmother could speak.

thereafter and in the light my dad and little dad also spoke the kind of words that make meaning.

touching the land, feeling the cool breeze, and seeing the water was medicine. while the low water levels was quite shocking, cleansing and bathing in Lake Powell was healing. the last two years were washed away.

beauty in front of me.

beauty behind me.

beauty besides me.

beauty above me.

beauty below me.

beauty all around me.

beauty within me.

being filled w beauty is indeed the blessing and i am ever thankful and grateful for everything. Ahe’eeh.

Hozho nahasglii.

Hozho nahasglii.

Hozho nahasglii.

Hozho nahasglii.

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