i wonder if lions who run with wolves live longer?

think deeply on that one cuz not all wolves are the same. the warrior wolf is a protective creature, so imagine a she wolf who is protective of her pack.

fiercest is the one who fights back despite the odds.

she wolf is the one.

you touched her mane w your impure hand without knowing that a she wolf is divinely protected by two dire wolves, one black, the other grey.

she wolf is the one.

her sultry, sexy, sophisticated, and symbiotic nature is tempered and blessed w spiritual delight.

remember a she wolf is grace under fire and fire in the rain. she is placid even when threatened because she is divinely protected.

she wolf

one last thing, she wolf has been learning to love and living to live w her shag, it’s been teaching her she is the bag.

while a husky is cute, the she wolf is the queen who completes a suit.

she wolf is the one.

don’t reshuffle those cards now that you know, unless that is what you want ppl to know.

1 x 1,

1 x 1,

1 x 1,

1 x 1.

she wolf is the one.

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