fire in the rain

when i looked into his eyes i saw my own soul from long ago.

city lights

in case you didn’t know, in the case of immortality it means there is no heart, or no soul. so if you can imagine, when he told me he had sold his soul, and had no heart, it was what attracted me to him even more.

two ppl enter, one person leaves.

dark, empty and filled w nothingness is how it can best be described. the soulless walking the earth searching for peace and finding fodder along the way.

and then a spark happens. somewhere along the way a soul awakens.

the lion and tiger resist, but only for a moment to spare.

it is true, the immortal walk this earth. i will end any speculation by telling you all again, the immortals walk this earth.

not speaking up on an issue that concerns a great many, how can it be?

nation undivided, nation reunited.

a reunion of old and gracious past where life and love equaled the pursuit of happiness.

no more pursuance under one nation under god, but instead a practicing of Indigenous ancestral land based beliefs.

finding my way and being filled w love here i am doing my best.

keeping faith w glory and grace.

the sisterhood of union and the blessing of light, here we are passing on healing w lightening.

lastly, remember both male and female lightening can strike twice.

keep your faith forward and the nation in prayers.

for the immortals walk by both day and night w no fear, it’s also time for the women to reappear.

grandmothers elders divine, it’s the ancient matriarchs of old times who return to share their message.

it’s time for the women to reappear and reclaim their rightful place among our nation.

as a Cheyenne ancestor once shared a proverb, “A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground. Then its finished; no matter how brave its warriors or how strong their weapons.”

this reminder is to remember it is the women who lead from behind and it is always strong hearts to the front.

be the brave women our ancestors remember and understand there are many ways as the divine feminine who is also known as woman.

may we keep the goodness of that within us and may we remember we are more than our parents and ancestors dreams come true, we are all our future unborn childrens’ ancestral relatives.

celebrate the matriarchs in your life and help where you can, there is more to life than meets the eye.

Happy Mothers Day and peace.

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