Destiny’s Child

lying in bed listening to sweet beautiful sounds of an early morning rain fall.

it’s almost 6 am and i woke fr a sleep of rest and remembrance.

i wish and pray for collective healing.

recently i sat through our general council and witnessed the patriarchy mad at work. more importantly though, i witnessed unhealed pain.

the rain washes certain things away and today i am thankful for every lesson life has brought my way.

somedays it happens w a curve ball thrown at me and other days it is as smooth as butter.

this morning, as i lay in bed listening to the sweet beautiful rain cleanse away what has been, i remembered who i was born to be.

a matriarch.

as the rain falls and cleanses the land, up ahead into the near and upcoming future, I know that the rain will also clear the air.

i have been living one awakening after the other since the beginning of this year. with each event, cycle, behavior, word, side eye (which also includes the evil eye) i have learned who is who.

last nights awakening was not a surprise. not. at. all.

you see, this is not checkers, this is chess.

warrior king.

my king i have loved you since forever and awaited for your arrival. damsel in distress? i think not. a queen in her right? yes.

so as the rain subsides and the slow drizzle continues to quench mother earths thirst for life, i remembered who i am.

warrior queen.

it did not come without pain and it surely did not come without tears and the scars. oh how i have scars. but what warrior does not? if a warrior has no scars did they ever really live life?

i think maybe? i mean, it’s possible that a warrior is that deadly, but every warrior i have ever read about or known came home w battle wounds. so if a warrior comes home unscathed, i wonder, if they never really fought out on the battlefield or did they watch and leave from the hillside?

warrior king, show me your scars and show me where they tried to kill you and i will tell the stories of your war deeds.

as for me, my story is not over. you should all know i have cried rivers into the great Pacific ocean.

that’s what an awakening does. last night the veil was lifted and i saw the greed, jealousy, hate, envy, and mockery in full suit. they were an ugly sight too. poor things still think i don’t know.

for what it’s worth i am ever thankful and grateful how god made me. born of Indigenous matriarchy i am the answer to my grandmother’s and her grandmothers’ prayers before her.

i am matriarchal brilliance and i am destiny’s child.


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