of heart, mind, and soul

as i sit through these emotions and feel every fiber in my body come alive it was in my deepest pain where i found the remedy.

when i feel anything, i feel deeply.

from the cavernous wounds, there, in the shadows of my former lives, i find the answers to the pain. in song.

lost in the art of love and the holiness of water, they, much like music are my religion.

i am of one heart and mind, and soul when it comes to music and where i go for healing.

somedays it’s exceptional and some days it’s not.

sometimes it’s sexual and most times it’s not.

i find peace and solace.

in thinking about it, growing, relearning, and remembering is a part of the healing journey w music too.

its moments like now when i feel there is no rest in the kingdom.

all alone in a big house on a Sunday morning and i am left crying. All Cried Out plays softly in the background and i have no words to say.

i found four words today in my puzzle.

Breakthrough. *the Doors Break On Through rings in my limbic system*

Miracles. *Its a Miracle by Culture Club*

Purpose. *Justin Bieber comes to mind*

Family. *They all make their own beautiful sounds and sometimes i enjoy their playlists*

there is more there but that’s for later. like one month from now when we are in #2023.

life is coming up and the ascension has been higher than i’ve ever known. the full moon in Gemini says it is time to listen to Ciarra Level Up.

as i process this emotional rescue i am journeying on, at this time, i am healing on a good timeline.

welcoming blessings and releasing the past.

a forward motion into the future thinking and feeling, but also expressing and doing all that is needed.

i am writing my way through this and ready for the world. i will admit tho, it is kinda scary. guess this is when they say if you have a counterpart, who gone stop us?

there is harmony and Hozho coming up in the New Year and i feel blessed.

no hard feelings with nobody and just pure living my life according to gods plan and everything’s gon be alright.

happy full moon in Gemini as we release and prepare for the upcoming Indian New Year.

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