the howls of a dream

it did not come without pain and it surely did not come without tears.

our story is not over. you should all know i cried rivers into the ocean before and have scars.

being born into war, i know my enemy.

for what it’s worth i am still ever thankful and grateful how god made me. born of Indigenous matriarchy, i am the answer to my grandmothers prayers.

everyday i am fighting to live a better life and recently had a moment that felt longer than usual and it wouldn’t end.

i feel like that’s accountability somedays.

reminding myself i am conscious and need to remember all the work ive done.

to remember i have arrived more than once and this ain’t my first rodeo.

in fact, i been bucked off and the gates were closed on me before. so don’t you fret my little pet.

memories of my father stream through. as he travels on, my grandmother and great grandmother came for their son.

i have 5 hours of sleep in the last two days and im exhausted. prayers for my fathers journey and peace unto all.

i heard the wolf’s howl tonight and know that knowing. i await for my alpha.

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