the storying of a wolf queen

if you have ever met a wolf in disguise you are in for a treat.

reclaimed blessings

meaty morsels of flesh and the suffering of gin lingers in the air w a wolf in disguise.

having been raised by wolves, she knew an aging wolf when she saw one. its coat turns to a golden color regardless of the wolf’s camouflage

being in the presence of a wolf is a powerful and amazing experience. growing up she used to sit before old wolves. their wisdom and life journey became her guides.

she learned of travels and times before her parents were born and each and every story was reminiscent of some adventure and in the proverbial sense was also a hunting exploit.

they told her stories of time and loss, reclamation and remembrance. telling of a time that had been lost through the sands of time, back to the beginning when a wolf struggled to coexist in a cold and changing world.

cool and calm stories taught her life was and continued to be sacred. she also learned life was precious. however, in that same stricken note, she knew life could end any day because tomorrow was never promised.

those wolves of old time made her feel what it felt like to live. in that exchange she learned how to summon her diyah who had a haunting voice.

her voice was sultry and unlike any she had ever heard. to this day, she knew her sacredness came w a fierce love. nothing forced, demanded, or required but sent fr the celestial heavens.

her life began unfolding before her eyes and reminded her this wasn’t for everybody.

she sat listening to the old wolves tell stories, and their war deeds made her wanna know and experience for herself what it felt like.

make no mistake, this is not a sheep or a huskie, but a wolf. the wolf showed her the way back in the day and she continues to guide and lead the wolf Queen to her destiny.

while this story is about how she felt, and lived, she was raised by wolves. she knew all too well what a wolf is capable of.

sadly, she knew of the shadows. lewdness is a wolfs downfall.

the evolution of the wolf Queen was predestined by the ancient gods and the most ignorant of them all, were the non believers.

as a thread spun she was made before she arrived.

the average wolf sedates itself until tears no longer hold meaning. it lacks self awareness and consciousness and prefers it that way.

her consciousness was crystal clear.

the release was evolutionary for her as the illumination gleaned w moonshine. her story began w seeing how shallow their graves were.

as she was told, the wolf, as cunning as it believes it is, still has yet to count coup esp when it talks in circles and speaks w a forked tongue.

lashing out w fear and anger, it worked to diminish the good work and pushed her away.

she seen it coming a mile away and went solo to create her own. as she was told, the fight to stay relevant in a dying age is why they will not prevail.

the story of a dying legacy wrought w the negatives of what a wolf creates w incel betas who are “characterized by hatred, misogyny, self pity… (predatorial behaviors filled) racism and a sense of entitlement to sex and endorsement of violence against women…” the truth cannot stay hidden long and falsehoods will be revealed.

this story is of a pack of wolves who did not think the diyah knew about the dishonoring of the wolf code. raising healthy wolves was and continues to be crown.

until the diyah came to her, she did not know.

for this reason i am able to sit here and tell you her story.

now she awaits for her alpha.

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