thank you for stopping by and visiting 4 the LOVE of the People.

this space was first created in 2010, shortly after i began my doctoral journey. i needed a muse and a place to process the density of readings and emotions during one of the most grueling times of my program. i needed a place where i could flesh out what i was experiencing, but also, a place to process and rediscover my own weaknesses and strengths.

since that time i’ve completed my program and have moved towards my love of writing.

on here you’ll find posts i created from the blogosphere’s past and current affairs, posts from blogs i follow, news from both mainstream and Indigenous. on occasion i may post art in the forms of music, paintings, poetry, and photography to name a few.

on occasion i may post a personal story or two. however, because i am also an emerging Indigenous writer and scholar, i can be found working through Indigenous scholarly works and the like. lastly, this is a space with strictly Indigenous schtuff. from likes to dislikes, happiness to ‘eh’ moments, academic bad-assery to questionable works of huh-what’s?, this is a space that is strictly for Indigenous, by Indigenous. *well at least most of the time

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